Liquid Waste Management

Liquid Waste Management

Ready Group specialise in comprehensive Liquid Waste Management solutions, including the removal of liquid waste, contaminated liquids, and onsite waste management with liquid waste bins. Additionally, we specialise in large-volume liquid waste removal using tankers, ensuring efficient and environmentally sound waste management practices compliant with EPA regulations.

Liquid Waste Removal

Ready Group specialise in providing reliable solutions for transporting bulk liquids, encompassing a wide range of substances such as contaminated water, oils, mud, and biological waste originating from construction, agriculture, and industrial settings. Our fleet of vehicles are equipped to handle various quantities of liquids with utmost safety and efficiency. Whether you require removal and transportation of hazardous liquids or environmentally sensitive materials, Ready Group ensures prompt and professional service tailored to your specific needs. Trust us to manage your liquid waste removal needs efficiently and responsibly.

Contaminated Liquid Waste Removal

At Ready Group, we specialise in the meticulous handling and transportation of contaminated waste, addressing a spectrum of hazardous materials such as asbestos-contaminated material, sewage, oily water, and more. Our services comply with the strict guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ensuring that every step of the waste removal process adheres to the highest standards of safety and environmental responsibility. Whether it’s industrial sites, construction projects, or agricultural facilities, our dedicated team is equipped to handle the complexities of contaminated waste disposal, providing efficient and compliant solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Trust Ready Group to manage your contaminated waste removal needs with precision and care, always prioritising compliance and safety.

Onsite Waste Management (Liquid Waste Bins)

At Ready Group, our Site Storage Solutions and Mud Bins provide efficient waste management for your project site. We offer strategically placed tanks and bins for the safe containment of bulk liquids, including slurries, drill muds, contaminated waste, and more. Our solutions ensure easy access and monitoring, proper waste segregation, and enhanced safety for all workers. Choose Ready Group’s on-site waste management for a safer, more efficient, and environmentally responsible project site.

Site Dewatering

Site dewatering, as the name suggests, involves the removal of water and moisture from a site to facilitate excavation. This process offers several benefits, including improved visibility, reduced time-on-site, and minimised pre-construction work. Ready Group specialises in assessing your site’s needs and crafting customised dewatering plans, ensuring minimal impact on the environment and subsurface utilities. Our proven techniques, including filtration, liquid separation processes and centrifugation, guarantee efficient water extraction throughout your excavation project. While Ready Group is known for vacuum excavation and backfilling, our site dewatering services ensure safer and faster outcomes in challenging conditions. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and discover how we can streamline your construction process.

Site dewatering benefits include but are not limited to:

Site dewatering benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Enhanced Safety and Accessibility
    By removing excess water from the construction site, dewatering services enhance ground stability, mitigating risks of accidents and ensuring a safe work environment. This improves access for machinery, safeguards subsurface utilities, and enhances visibility.

  • Optimised Construction Project Timelines
    Dewatering accelerates the drying process of the site, allowing construction activities to proceed without delay. This ensures that projects stay on schedule, avoiding costly downtime and disruptions caused by waterlogged conditions.

  • Environmental Protection
    Effective water removal minimises the impact of construction activities on the surrounding environment by preventing water pollution and soil erosion. It also allows for the controlled redirection of water, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and safeguarding local waterways and ecosystems.

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Contact NDEA today to plan your site dewatering needs and the finer details of your construction. Let’s book your service today!

Contact NDEA today to plan your site dewatering needs and the finer details of your construction. Let’s book your service today!

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