Premier Roadsaw and Core Drilling Services

Premier Roadsaw and Core Drilling Services

Roadsaw and core drilling is a specialised Sydney-based service offered by Ready Group. A team of experienced and safety-trained professionals will quickly and accurately cut through asphalt and concrete, allowing core drilling projects to expand and move forward. Trust this critical work with Sydney’s preferred non-destructive excavation specialists, as our technicians bring purpose-built equipment and tools to your site.

What Is Roadsawing And Core Drilling?

As the names suggest, a roadsaw and core drill will saw and drill through tough surfaces with self-propelled technology and diamond blades. These roadsaw tools are built from heavy-duty materials so that they can cut through surfaces as thick as 450mm. Smaller jobs may only require a hand-held saw, or in jobs where there is limited access and the depth cut is only moderate. The core drilling tools have diamond-tipped barrels which can neatly and quickly cut through surfaces like roads and bitumen, creating a minimal disturbance and an easy circular space to fill. The work does not create any vibrations or movement, which is a great advantage when projects are located in sensitive environments.

When core drilling, our technicians will typically drill a hole with a diameter between 10mm to 1000mm. The hole depth will depend on the works, and Ready Group can supply extension bars that can be affixed to the drill to continue coring to the desired depth. Like all the tools and equipment owned by Ready Group, the roadsaws and core drills are maintained to a high standard so works can be completed efficiently and within compliance every time. We are also meticulous about keeping our work areas clean, so any water is vacuumed up and disposed of so that your site is always neat and clean.

The benefits of Roadsawing and core drilling include:

Core drilling and roadsawing, with their advanced core drilling machines and concrete drill cores, allow for precise cuts and holes, essential for intricate construction tasks. Whether it’s creating core holes for plumbing and electrical installations or performing detailed roadsawing for expansion joints, these technologies ensure high precision and accuracy in every cut.

Utilising diamond core drills and core drilling drills, these methods can quickly and efficiently penetrate through the toughest materials, including reinforced concrete. This efficiency is crucial for keeping projects on schedule, whether it’s executing core hole drills for sampling and testing or employing a roadsaw drilling machine for quick pavement cutting.

The versatility of core drilling and roadsawing is unmatched, thanks to a wide array of equipment like the core hole machine, hole corer, and core bore tools. These methods can be applied to various materials and projects, from creating precise openings with a concrete core drill to making clean cuts in pavement with roadsawing techniques.

Core drilling and roadsawing are non-destructive techniques that minimise vibration and structural impact, preserving the integrity of surrounding materials. Additionally, the use of a coring machine and core drilling machine often incorporates water to reduce dust during operation, contributing to a safer and cleaner work environment.

Open to a wide range of projects

Cut horizontal flat surfaces like asphalt, roadways, pavement, tiles, pavers, cobblestones and bridge decks through roadsaw drilling

Cutting concrete and reinforced concrete cutting

Cut through large areas of bitumen roads and concrete floors

Cutting tough surfaces in hard-to-reach areas

Drilling holes to any depth on any surface

Drilling through masonry products and heavy steel re-enforced concrete

Why Choose Ready Group For Your Sydney Roadsaw And Core Drilling Works?

Working with Ready Group gives you the peace of mind that an industry professional is conducting your saw and drilling works, allowing you to ensure the safety of your site and the timeline of your project. There is also an advantage to working with Ready Group as they also offer a number of non-destructive services that may be engaged before or after your saw and drill works. For example, you may need to excavate a core-drilled hole, and then backfill the area when that work is completed. Discuss your project needs with our Ready Group team today, so they can provide you with a detailed scope of work.

If you need roadsawing and core drilling in Sydney or any other non-destructive service, you can rely on Ready Group.

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